Will The River Stop Flowing ?

Will The River Stop Flowing ?

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Will the River Stop Flowing
Leroy Miranda

(Pages 50)


For the first time ever, New Orleans artist Leroy Miranda shares his guts from the inside out, delivering a discordant message from the inner corridors of his own mind through the line and form of his private collection of drawings. Leroy’s title question, Will the River Stop Flowing is answered in each page, pulling the observer downward into the deep waters of the artist’s psyche. Largely a record of Leroy’s mental landscape, the work is alive with glimpses of poetic expression that speak to social discord and personal freedom. This raw and engaging collection of of heavy strokes and thready lines culminates in a quite ode to the death of his mother.

 Leroy’s writing style is a forward thrust of thought, devoid of edit, pre-conceived structure or a pre-destined interpretation; words flow, unharnessed by convention. The absence of education has created a directness in his written work that remains as raw as his artistic expression, responding not to the rigid rules of structure, but living organically in both misspelled words and faulty grammar.

Writing credit John Price.